Warrant issued for suspect in Travis County aggravated robbery

Officials have issued a warrant for a man suspected in an aggravated robbery at a home in Travis County. The man has been identified as 52-year-old Andra Allen.

The incident occurred on February 11 at a home in the 12000 block of Lake Stone Drive in Travis County.

Court documents state that the female victim told police that at around 10:15 p.m. she had gone to a nearby grocery store and had returned home right after purchasing a few items. 

The victim says that she was home for about an hour when she walked by a window that faces the front of the house and she noticed that there was a white vehicle with black rims parked in her driveway. She says she then heard the door leading from the garage open and shut.

The victim says she called out to see who was there and when she rounded the corner she saw a black male with a handgun standing inside her home. She identified the man further as being tall, dark short hair, wearing a dark bandana covering part of his face, dark pants, dark jacket and all black mesh style athletic shoes.

The documents state that the suspect put his hand over the victim's mouth and told her to be quiet because she was screaming.

The suspect then told the victim to remove her jewelry, which he picked up, and proceeded to have the victim take him to the master bedroom. The victim was ordered out of the master and told to go to her son's bedroom where her ankles and wrists were zip-tied.

The victim says she was told to not move for five minutes and was threatened with the suspect stating, "I know where you live and that you have a son."

When the victim heard the garage door open and shut she got up and was able to call 911. 

Deputies obtained video from the grocery store that the victim went to and detectives noted that as the victim left the parking lot in her SUV that a vehicle matching the description of the one in her driveway is seen on video following the victim.

Other surveillance videos from a business nearby the victim's home as well as from the victim's neighbor show the white vehicle with black rims following the victim's SUV.

The white vehicle's license plate did have a traffic citation and the suspect was later identified as Andra Allen after speaking with the registered owner of the vehicle.

The documents state that the victim recognized Allen from his driver's license photo when it was shown to her.

Allen has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, which is a first-degree felony.