Warren woman found to be living with dead boyfriend for months

Police made a disturbing discovery during a welfare check in Warren, Mich. The man in question was found dead -- but he wasn't alone.

Officers found 68-year-old George Curtis dead inside of his home on Burgundy Street Monday morning. They were conducting a welfare check at his relatives' behest. They had not seen or heard from Curtis in months.

"Relatives came over yesterday wanting to get in touch with him 'cause his sister was ill or something," said Jamie Caza, a neighbor. "They went over there, knocked around and didn't see anything. They suggested going to police."

Police found the man in his bed, his body badly decomposed. Sources tell FOX 2 he may have been dead for months - possibly a year.

The woman living with him did not notify authorities or move out.

"My wife was telling me how bad it smelled in there, I'm not sure how you can breathe in there," said neighbor Jacob Caza.

Police took the woman living with Curtis to a hospital for a mental evaluation. In the meantime, they are waiting for the medical examiner to determine how the man died.

Police say it is an open investigation and that the man's body is so badly decomposed that it may take a long time to determine the cause of death.