WATCH: Bear takes lunch break inside van

A caretaker in Rabun County got the surprise of her life when a bear decided to have a little lunch break in her van.

Carrie Watts said she always leaves the windows down in her van while working at a home on Lake Burton.

When she was vacuuming the carpet of the home on Tuesday, she thought she saw some movement out of the corner of her eye, but she assumed it was the homeowner's black cat.

But then she got a thought.

"That is one big black cat," she told FOX 5 Atlanta. "But ... it was a bear."

Yes, a bear had decided to make a meal out of Watts' lunch that was in the van – a sandwich, cookies, and chips.

She says she kept setting the van's alarm off to scare it away, but it didn't work.

In total, the bear stayed in the van for about two hours before the sound of another truck scared it out and up a tree.

The bear even tried to leave with Carrie's purse, which it dropped outside the van.

Other than some damage to her car seats and an eaten lunch, nothing else was harmed.