Watch parties packed as USA faced England in Women's World Cup semifinals

The U.S. Women's National Team has made it to the FIFA Women’s World Cup final after beating England 2-1 and watch parties in Austin were packed as it was a close match. 

"It was nerve wracking but I’m super excited, we are going to the finals in the Women’s World Cup," said Jessi Easton with American Outlaws, a support group for the United States National Soccer Teams.

Chants, cheering, and overall excitement filled Haymakers in East Austin as Team USA took on England in the semifinals. 

"I love the fact that they (everyone at the watch party) are supporting woman’s soccer and I think it's awesome how this is a week day and people are out here supporting,” soccer fan Audre Salas said. 

The intense match had fans glued to the screens. 

"This is what the World Cup is all about, having good strong competition," said Salas. 

Salas, who came to watch the match with friends, was on the edge of her seat especially when the U.S. took the lead into the half. 

"I felt relief, I got chills and was like oh my god, a little relief for sure," said Salas.

The fact that forward Megan Rapinoe had to sit the match out due to an injury added to the stress for USA fans. 

"Yeah I was a little worried about that. I was like why is she not starting, she is one of our best scorers but we have a great offensive team so we are going to do great," said Salas.

Even employees at Haymakers, who are soccer fans, were a little worried about the news of Rapinoe.

"We all actually had a meeting about that but we’re confident, we have an amazing girls team, they got it and they are showing they have it," Haymaker marketing director Sarah Miller said.

In the end USA secured the win over England 2 - 1. As the next match with the U.S. is the final, expect a whole lot more hype and excitement from fans as Team USA defends their title.