Watch: Tennessee couple rattled by venomous snake found nesting in baby's stroller

A Tennessee couple was left in shock recently after they found a venomous copperhead snake nesting in their baby's stroller.

In a video posted by Autumn Maidlow, her husband explained how the reptile found in their garage in Greenbrier tried to attack him.

"My husband went for a walk with our baby in the wagon and left the garage open," Maidlow told FOX 17 News in Nashville.


Still image taken from video of a couple finding a venomous snake in their baby's stroller.

When Maidlow's husband returned to the garage to grab something out of the car, that's when he became rattled.

"He walked past the wagon, and when he walked back in, he noticed the snake on the ledge of the wagon, and right when he looked at it, it struck at him, and he jumped back and hit my car," Maidlow said.



FILE - Photograph showing a close-up, profile view of the brown and tan patterned head and eye of a juvenile, venomous, Southern copperhead snake. (Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

The couple said they were terrified but grateful to have spotted the copperhead before the next walk with their baby. The snake was eventually killed with a shovel by Maidlow's husband.

The copperhead is one of four venomous snakes in Tennessee, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

The pit viper has distinctive dark brown "hourglass" cross bands that are wide on the sides and narrow at the center of the back. Their body color is variable but is usually light brown or gray with a bronze tint to their heads.

According to wildlife officials, juvenile copperheads have a yellow tip on their tail that is used to lure prey to within striking distance.

The venom of copperhead snakes is not highly potent, meaning that fatalities as a result of bites are exceedingly rare.

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