Water receding in some parts of Houston area but issues remain

Although the water is receding in some part of the Houston area many issues remain. Volunteers have rescued more than 800 people along the San Jacinto River in Kingwood and some volunteers needed to be rescued themselves.

One of those volunteers that needed rescuing told FOX 7 that he had over corrected in the current. Another group of three volunteers were rescued after their boat flipped over.

The volunteers are all in the area trying to help out people in flooded neighborhoods who are still in their homes and running out of food and water.

The San Jacinto River is 20 to 25 feet above normal. Boats normally pass under a bridge as a channel to get to Lake Houston but that's something that's not going to be happening anytime soon.

Officials opened a dam along the San Jacinto yesterday so more water is pouring in. Volunteers and crews are sticking by in case anything goes wrong.