WCSO investigates drowning, victim displayed "odd behavior"

The pool in the Marquis at Brushy Creek apartment complex is closed after a man in his 40's drowned Saturday night. The Williamson county sheriff's office said there was roughly 12 other people in the pool when they noticed a man was unresponsive.

After reviewing surveillance video of the incident Williamson County Sheriff Chody said the man displayed odd behavior -- putting his face in and out of the water. When first responders arrived, they tried reviving him but it was too late.

Marquis at Brushy Creek resident Brian Douglas said this is the first drowning he’s heard happen at the apartment complex.

"It was definitely surprising I mean I don't know enough in terms of whether someone was intoxicated or whether there was some type of illness," said Douglas.

Sheriff Chody said it’s unclear whether alcohol or some type of illness played a factor but he doesn’t suspect foul play. Chody said the incident serves as a reminder that people need to exercise safety. He said pool drownings are more common than people realize.

According to Alissa Magrum who works for Colin’s hope, a non-profit that educates people on safe swimming practices there have been 43 fatal drownings in Texas so far.

"The risk of drowning doesn't go down as you get older it may change just the type of water," Magrum said. "Drowning is fast, drowning is silent and drowning is preventable."

Magrum said says more than half the child drownings in 2018 occurred in pools. Adults, on the other hand, are more likely to drown in open water.

Since early May, there have been at least four reports of missing swimmers on Lake Travis. Authorities have recovered two of their bodies.

Magrum advises parents to provide constant supervision when their children are in water and recommends anyone of any age to wear life jackets.