WCSO searches for “bank jugging" suspect targeting victims in Central Texas

Caught on camera is a man suspected of tailing his victim at the Flying J truck stop in Jarrell on September 14th.

Williamson County Commander Gary Haston said the suspect may have been part of a group following his victims from a bank in New Braunfels to Flying J and then to a used car dealership in Jarrell, where the victims left their money in their car and their car unattended. Haston said the suspect broke into their car, stole the cash and then slashed their tire.

"These are criminals and they are dangerous in this particular case they did have a weapon,” Haston said. “They did stab and deflate a tire so the victims could not follow them. This is a violent group I believe and they will try to hurt you if you try to intervene, I’m sure."

“Bank jugging” is a new crime craze for thieves where suspects follow victims from banks to their next location then steal their money. Haston said it started in bigger cities like Houston and has made its way to Central Texas.

Investigators are trailing the suspect from Jarrell and keeping their eyes out for other violators. Haston said it’s important bank customers and workers remain vigilant.
"When you go to a bank or a credit union, pay attention to the cars that are parked next to you particularly if these vehicles have no license plates or paper license plates and if people are sitting in the vehicle when you go in and when you come back out,” Haston said. “This will help us combat this problem."
If you have any information about this case, you are asked to contact WilCo Crime Stoppers at 1-800-253-7867.