We Are Blood is asking for plasma donations by recovered COVID-19 to combat the illness

The FDA started investigating the usefulness of convalescent plasma from people who have fully recovered from the Coronavirus to treat others.

We Are Blood has opened up applications this week, VP of Community Engagement Nick Canedo said they’ve already seen more than 20 people apply. “Now without a vaccine or treatment, convalescent plasma is our best resource for treating patients with COVID-19 right now,” said Canedo.

Convalescent plasma is a treatment that utilizes plasma from individuals who have an illness and fought it off and may possess antibodies that can be used to treat the illness. The treatment has been around for more than 100 years. The plasma, rich with antibodies, has been studied in other outbreaks of respiratory infections.

“Convalescent plasma for COVID-19 has not yet been tested to and proven to be effective,” Canedo said. “But anecdotally we know it’s working because it is already being used in areas like New York where the COVID-19 situation is very critical.”

Candidates willing to donate plasma are eligible if they have had a lab diagnosis of COVID-19, have shown no-symptoms over a period of 14 to 28 days and meet the blood donor eligibility criteria. 

“Any recovered patients who are considering becoming a convalescent plasma donor know that you are incredibly lucky and that you can now help other members of the community by coming out to donate and help others who were dealing with what you were just dealing with recover faster,” said Canedo.

For more information on how to donate plasma or blood click here.



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