Flooding in Cedar Park area following late night downpour

The Cedar Park area experienced heavy rainfall due to thunderstorms Saturday night. 

Several low-water crossings had to be closed due to minor flooding.

Areas near Brushy Creek received 2-4 inches of rain.

FOX 7 viewer Ed Turner shared this photo of his outdoor rain gauge, which caught nearly 4.25 inches of rainfall:

Ed Turner

The previously closed low-water crossings were reopened Sunday morning, but some floodwater remained. 

The sports complex near Avery Ranch was still covered in water around 1:30 p.m.

USGS recorded Brushy Creek jumping from just below 3 ½ feet of water on August 27, to over 8 feet of water on August 28. 

The creek is continuing to slowly recede.

More rain is expected to fall in Central Texas this week, with storm chances sticking around 40-60% for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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