'We'll be in touch,' sheriff's deputies warn culprits behind egg attack on vendor selling face masks

A video circulating on social media of a man throwing an egg at a street vendor selling face masks in Southern California has caught the attention of law enforcement. 

In the video that was shared by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on Monday, the driver is recording as he pulls up to a vendor with face masks in his hand for purchase. 

The passenger calls the vendor over and asks how much. 

To try and distract the man, the passenger tells the vendor he dropped some money. As the man is looking down, the passenger throws an egg at his chest before the driver pulls off as both men are laughing, video shows. 

But the Los Angels County Sheriff's Office didn't find any humor in the video. 

Authorities said issued a warning to the perpetrators behind the "disgusting" attack saying, "We'll be in touch." 

The sheriff's department has not said when the video was recorded but urged the duo to stay indoors.

"During this pandemic, choose to stay home next time," the agency wrote on Twitter.