West Campus kidnapping now called Domestic Disturbance

What started as a kidnapping scare near UT has now been classified as a domestic disturbance by police. 

Witnesses saw a loud confrontation between a young man and woman at the intersection of 24th and San Antoni Street Wednesday night. 

"There were police everywhere, and it was ok, let’s just avoid this part of the street, I mean it happens all the time, you get used to seeing police everywhere, you get used to seeing police everywhere."  said a witness Haley Capps. 

The argument was so disruptive, the manager of a nearby restaurant told FOX7 they had to close early. 

A security alert was sent out after a witness told police that the woman was forced into the man's car at gunpoint. Austin Police say they have not confirmed if a gun was ever involved.

They have found the woman who investigators say was unharmed, but she refused to cooperate with detectives. The case is now being investigated as a domestic disturbance and names have not been released. The couple are not students at the University of Texas. 

Students in West Campus told FOX7 they were concerned that they had not been given an update on the case.

Capps said she was glad she got the alert that was sent out Wednesday, even though the threat of a gun was not confirmed. "I think they are helpful, it’s always good to know which areas you need to avoid, in school, they are helpful, regardless, just because you don’t want to find yourself in one of those situations and it’s comforting to know that UTPD and APD is responding."

Officials with SafeHorns tell FOX7 if halo cameras were installed in the west camera area, a lot of questions regarding this case could have been answered much sooner. City officials say the cameras have not yet been authorized by the council. The proposal to install new safety lighting is still being studied.

A woman who identified herself as the mother of the boyfriend involved in the case contacted FOX7. She said the police came to their house at 1 p.m Thursday afternoon after her son had a heated conversation with the police and was arrested.

He was arrested on a charge of Interfering with Public Duties. He has been released on bond.