'Westworld' activation at SXSW delights conference goers

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Photos from HBO's 'Westworld' activiation during the SXSW Conference.

Fans of the hit HBO show "Westworld" had plenty to get excited about at this year's SXSW. 

Showrunners/creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy were joined by cast members James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and Jeffrey Wright at a featured session at the Austin Convention Center. They previewed the show's upcoming season and more.

For those who wanted a more immersive "Westworld" experience, HBO created recreated the town of Sweetwater at the J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Manor. Called "Westworld: Live Without Limits", those who were lucky enough to get a chance to go were able to experience what HBO says was it's most sophisticated installation it's ever attempted.

It began at Eastside Tavern where attendees were given a black or white hat and then placed on a shuttle to head to Manor.

Once there, "Westworld" fans walked through a train car from the show and entered Sweetwater where they could interact with "hosts" and experience locations like the Mariposa and the Coronado for themselves.

HBO reportedly hired 60 actors as well as stunt people, bands and horses to bring "Westworld" to life. A script for the experience was reportedly almost 450 pages long.

The experience was one that differed for each person depending on the level of interaction you had with each "host". Interactive clues were hidden throughout the town and there were hints to some of the things happening in the show's second season.

You can get a glimpse of what the activation was like you can see FOX 7 Austin's Tania Ortega's Facebook Live below or by clicking here.

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