What to do with debris in Burnet County, outside of city limits

(Courtesy: Chris Suggs)

Managing and disposing of debris in areas affected by flooding can be very difficult. The Burnet County Office of Emergency Management has released some guidelines for county residents outside of a city limits.

BCOEM says residents should separate debris into piles as much as they can and place the piles as close to the road as possible. If residents have a curb they are asked to place them on top of the curb, not in the road. If residents have a ditch and no curb, they are asked to place the piles in between the ditch and the road. BCOEM says not to block the road or the ditch.

Containers of chemicals that are hazardous waste, such as pesticides, gasoline, paint, automotive products, batteries, swimming pool chemicals, etc., should not be included. BCOEM says separate arrangements are being made for hazardous waste materials. Residents are asked to consolidate them on their property, but to not place them at the curbside. 

BCOEM says untreated lumber, limbs, trees and other plant debris can be burned as long as a traffic hazard or nuisance condition is not created. Prior to burning, residents need to notify the sheriff's department at (512) 756-8080. They should also confirm no burn ban is in place. 

Appliances and metal can be taken to Hill Country Recycling at 2000 2nd St in Marble Falls. It's open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information contact Burnet Country Development Services at (512) 715-5260.