'When you said you wanted Houston, you said you wanted losing;' Viral rap music video about Astros ALCS sweep

A Houston man’s music video about the Astros is gaining tens of thousands of views on Instagram and TikTok.

"I picked on Aaron Boone and his excuse for the wind," said Mark Drew. "I kind of just have fun with the stresses of [what is must be like] being a Yankees fan in that situation."

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Mark Drew is a fulltime artist and producer. The Houston native is also a huge Astros fan.

While at an American League Championship Series Game 3 watch party at Minute Maid Park, Drew’s girlfriend inspired him to record a quick song about the series. The impromptu video was posted to TikTok.

"I wasn’t checking my phone," said Drew. "Woke up the next day, 50,000 views and all of these comments and likes. I’ve never had that attention on any of my posts."

As a result, Drew went to work. The artist wrote a roughly one minute rap song about Jose Altuve, Minute Maid Park’s roof, and the Astros sweeping the New York Yankees in ALCS. The new music video is inspired by JAY-Z’s "Empire State of Mind" and has been getting hundreds of shares across Houston.

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"I didn’t think anything at all. But as an Astros fan, I’m super pumped about it," said Drew.

As for the World Series matchup against the Philadelphia Phillies, Drew doesn’t want to start rapping about a ring just yet.

"I’m extremely superstitious," said Drew. "If we lose, and people start coming to me, I’d have to deal with a loss of a World Series and people blaming me."

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Drew says he considers himself the unofficial global ambassador for the Astros, and he watches almost every game.

Although he doesn’t plan to rap about the World Series until later on, Drew says he will post a new music hype video to his Instagram (@markdrewhtx) on Friday before the series begins. 

"I like our chances," said Drew. "I think [the team] really wants to get away from the negative cloud that’s hanging over them."