Wife of Round Rock man arrested, charged with his murder

On Wednesday, Adaryll Perry sat in his car in front of his best friend Justin Silas’ house. It is a familiar routine for the duo as both Perry and Silas are rideshare drivers. 

“I’m parked right here. He’ll come in the car, while I’m sitting here eating you know,” he recalled. 

Wednesday was different for Perry -- he sat in his car morning. 

Exactly one week ago, on June 26, Silas, 43, was reportedly shot and killed by his wife Tyesha Tanner. 

Tanner, 37, was booked into the Williamson County jail on $500,000 bond Tuesday. She is charged with first degree murder. 

“We take the violent death of any of our residents seriously," Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick said “We take the violent death of any of our residents seriously. We worked closely with the Round Rock Police Department over the last several days…”

He says that culminated in the arrest of Tanner. 

Police say the shooting was a domestic incident. Neighbors say the night before the murder couple had a loud fight that spilled out into the driveway. 

Max Garrett is interning in the area for the summer. As part of his internship, he works as a door-to-door salesman for a company that he asked FOX 7 not identify. 

He says he had a strange encounter with Tanner the week prior to the killing, describing her as “jittery about talking to me… like she shouldn’t have been doing what she was doing.” 

“She was like, ‘just make sure when you get here, if my husband asks for whatever reason if you knocked on my door and we talked here, tell him you saw me walking my dog in the neighborhood,” he said.

Garrett had his follow up appointment at the home on June 26. When he arrived, he was greeted by a gruesome crime scene. 

Perry refuted the notion that there were domestic issues.

“That wasn’t my boy, that wasn’t him, you know? He was always about, you know, like I said he was a good person man...I don’t see it, I don’t see it," Perry said.

When asked if he would describe his memories of the home as “happy,” he took a deep pause.

“Well, he was trying to make it as happy as he could you know? You know, he was a hustler…” Perry said.

Perry said Silas sold insurance and drove for Uber, UberEATs, Door Dash, and Lyft. 

A spokesperson for Round Rock ISD confirmed Tanner worked at Robertson Elementary School. The school's website identifies her as an “Ed Assistant — Instructional Support.” 

Maria Cornejo lives in the Silas-Tanner family’s neighborhood. Her family is new to the area, and says Tanner always made her, and her children feel welcome. She greeted them with a smile as the walked to school, and when they saw each other on campus. 

“Seeing her every day made me and my girls feel comfortable, feeling safe at school because she was always so sweet to us.” she said. 

She says she hopes Tanner “gets the right justice.” 

Silas’ uncle Troy Watts says he believes everyone has lost out. 

“I feel for [Tanner’s] children you know? They have to grow up, they have to continue life without their mother in their life, and that’s a terrible thing, a terrible thing," Watts said.

Perry says he feels Silas’ loss each day. 

“I just really miss him, you know? I know it’s just been a week now but it’s been a hard week because I talk to him every day...I told my wife the other day, it seems like I’m just out here by myself," Perry said.
"You know, it’s hard you know? But, I know he’s looking down on me.”