WilCo DA says criminal justice system failed in Greg Kelley case

The Williamson County District Attorney says the criminal justice system failed in Greg Kelley's case. Now they are doing all they can to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"I feel like today, my Lord Jesus smiled to me," said Rosa Kelley, Greg Kelley's mother.

Greg Kelley's mother says since the beginning, this has all been a big mistake. Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick echoed those sentiments Tuesday, saying the criminal justice system failed them.

"This lies at the foot of law enforcement, of the prosecutors, of his defense team and of the jury. Throughout this whole process, I know it's very difficult for them to go through this process, but at the same time, it is the right thing to do for our justice system. It just really hurts to do that to a family," said Shawn Dick, Williamson County District Attorney.

The DA says we don't know today whether Greg Kelley is truly innocent or not and we don't know if the other two suspects are innocent or not. But, he says what they do know is that the system failed on every level and they want to find the truth.

"It's our belief that if this case would have gone to the court of appeals on a regular appeal, essentially we probably would have lost at the court of appeals. The case would have been reversed and acquitted. He would have been acquitted because he was never identified as the perpetrator of this crime in the court room," said Dick.

Instead, Kelley waived his right to appeal at that time. Now, the DA is hoping to make things right. Not just in this case but in all cases moving forward. First, they'll by training police officers who investigate child abuse cases. The second, lies within his office.    

"We have to make sure that innocent people, that an innocent person isn't convicted, and sometimes that is very unsatisfying because it means potentially a guilty person is set free. But, the goal of our office is to make sure the public can believe in our system and that when jurors go to court, they know that when the state stands up, they're telling the truth," said Dick.

He says it's time for everyone to be accountable - for the people. 

"I believe in truth, and that's all that God is about," said Kelley.

The police training will begin over the next month or two. The DA said he recently hired four experienced attorneys that will help with that.