WilCo deputies step up patrols after possible attempted kidnapping of three girls

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office is investigating the possible attempted kidnapping of three little girls walking on the sidewalk in their own neighborhood.

The night of July 2, Michelle Read's daughter Abby, her friend Taylor and another neighborhood girl were just enjoying a summer night in the Meadows of Brushy Creek subdivision...they had just been playing with the water hose.

That's when a car drove up and stopped next to them. 

According to the Sheriff's office, two men in their early 20's asked them to "come see the puppy."  Abby and the other girls told FOX 7 today the two guys got agitated when they wouldn't. "The little girls did exactly the right thing, turned around and ran off.  And these individuals drove away," said WilCo Sheriff's Office Captain Fred Thomas

"She doesn't want to go outside, and I am like 'it's okay you don't need to go outside, let's just stay inside.'  But at the same time as a parent I don't want her to lose that aspect of her childhood, running around playing outside," Read said.

The WilCo Sheriff's Office says the vehicle is described as a small silver four-door passenger car with a scratch near the front right headlight.  The suspects: a clean shaven white male in his 20's wearing a t-shirt and dark red jacket.  A Hispanic male in his 20's was behind the wheel.  He was described as having a scruffy beard wearing a white t shirt and a black jacket.

Williamson County deputies say they've stepped up patrols in the area. 

If you know something, call 512-943-1300.  If these two guys are caught, what they're charged with may be up to the D.A. because WilCo deputies say they didn't actually reach out and try to grab the kids so at this point it's still being considered a "possible" attempted kidnapping.