WilCo. Deputy Arrested and Off the Force

Oakwood Barbecue on Braker Lane is where the incident allegedly happened Saturday night.

Austin police were sent there to respond to a disturbance call involving Williamson County deputy Jack Danford. The confrontation that followed would cost Danford his job. Williamson county sheriff Robert Chody told FOX7 he initially suspended Danford. But as more information became available - it was modified to an Indefinite Suspension.

"The fact you are resisting arrest, from another agency, and drunk in a public environment, that's causing resisting arrest, it doesn't matter what happens after that, worse or less serious, that's enough to put a stain on the name of the Williamson County sheriff's office in my perceptive,” said Sheriff Chody. 

According to court documents, the Austin police officers found Danford sitting on the ground, with a strong odor of alcohol, claiming to be drugged. When the officers tried to get Danford's ID from his back pocket, he allegedly grabbed an officer's wrist, and they fell to the ground. To break free, the officers said they had to punch Danford in the back and use an impact weapon. He was charged with Resisting and Public Intoxication. Both are Misdemeanors.

"Now if for some reason it all comes back, and the stories were exaggerated, this didn't occur that didn't occur, I believe in due process, but we had to make an immediate decision, we are talking about somebody who has the ability to take freedom away from people, carry's a gun,” said Sheriff Chody. 

Danford has to surrender his badge, and the equipment assigned to him, but not his gun. According to the sheriff, the county did not issue the gun and Danford is able to keep it because he owns it. Danford was released from jail after posting a $5,000 bond.

Sheriff Chody said no major problems were found after an initial review of deputy Danford's job history. He has been in the news before.  Last year Danford was involved in a high-speed chase on Hwy 195. The suspect, according to investigators, died from a self-inflected gunshot wound, although Danford and a DPS Trooper reportedly fired their weapons during the incident.