WilCo deputy describes heroic fight with alleged drunk driver

A Williamson County sheriff's deputy is telling us about her heroic fight to stop a suspected drunk driver.

She held on for dear life, hanging out of the side of a speeding car all while still trying to do her job: protect and serve. 

Deputy Tabytha Horesman recalls her brush with death, calling each day on patrol unexpected.

"We're peacekeepers and sometimes you can end up in a fight for your life," says Deputy Tabytha Horesman, Williamson County Sheriff's Office. 

That, it was. The situation started out as a traffic stop. Deputy Horseman noticed a driver motionless at the 45 toll West of Round Rock. The driver was later identified as 22-year old Jonathan Nunnally. She collected the keys after believing he was intoxicated but, he had another set.

"Back up! Back up! Back up! Stop!" says Deputy Horseman in dash cam. 

Nunnally steps on the gas, switches gears and speeds off with Deputy Horseman hanging out the side of the car.

"My feet swept out from underneath me. I'm basically laying across him and I pull myself inside the vehicle. I'm partially on the edge of the seat and my legs are on the door-frame. You can see the ground going by you, it's going by super fast, you can hear the wind. It's pretty scary," says Deputy Horseman.

She says Nunnally starts kicking her, attempting to get her out. She holds on, ultimately stopping him and the car. 

"At one point there was panic and fear but I wasn't thinking 'Am I going to make it out of here?' I was thinking 'How am I going to make it out of here?" says Deputy Horseman.
At that that point, Sgt. Marco Gomez gets to the scene. 

"I turned around and said 'Are you okay?' and I heard 'Yea, I'm good,'" says Sgt. Marco Gomez, Williamson County Sheriff's Office. 
He says the situation worked out perfectly - for himself, Deputy Horseman and even Nunnally because the outcome could have been much worse. 
"Who knows where he would have gone, could have killed a family. I mean, there's different possibilities on what he could have done," says Sgt. Gomez. 
Instead, Nunnally was arrested that night. He was charged with aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon.

"As far as being a hero, I dont know about that but I think I did my job well," says Deputy Horseman.

The deputy says she took her normal two days off but other than that, she's been back out on patrol.