Wilco election officials prepare for expected high turnout ahead of midterm elections

Midterm elections are right around the corner and the Williamson County election commissioners are already gearing up for big day.

Wednesday, judges, clerks and election officials spent the day testing out election equipment and invited the public to watch. The election workers use paper ballots to fallout their electronic ballets and compare the results at the end.

Williamson County election administrator Chris Davis said the county's  election machines were first bought in 2004 and have another good year or two left in them. The county and the elections department is looking to purchase new machines that have a paper ballot back-up.

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"So it gives the opportunity to pull back the curtain and demystify how an election with these kinds of machines work," said Davis. "We make sure that the results on the machine 100-percent match the results on the paper and that 100-percent proves up the election and the programming of it."

The election devices are stored and cared for by a chain of custody. People assigned to ensure the devices have not been compromised up until Election Day.

Williamson County has more than 326,000 registered voters.

Their biggest most recent turnout came in 2016 for the presidential election when 76 percent of people came out to vote. There will be more than 39 polling locations across the county elections department said they're ready for another big turnout and encourage people to exercise their right to vote.

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Early voting begins October 22nd and ends November 2nd.