Brushy Creek continues to overflow following downpour in Wilco

Saturday night’s downpour in Williamson County was still causing headaches Monday night, as Brushy Creek continues to overflow its banks.

"We're in a drought. We haven't seen rain in quite a long time. And all of a sudden we have an abundance of it," said Cpl. David Amidon of the Cedar Park Police Department.

"Yes, we do need it, especially the lawns. Everything needed it: the trees, nature. But I did not expect it to be like that here," said Carmen Salinas of Round Rock.

In Round Rock, the low water crossing at County Road 123 and Brushy Creek was still closed to traffic Monday, just one of many roads in Williamson County that were overtaken by floodwaters.

In Cedar Park, Kreinke Ranch Road was one of five crossings closed over the weekend. Those crossings are now back open.

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"We actually had some vehicles stuck in the roadway. So we had to go out and get the cars on the road and make sure people are safe," said Amidon.

Parts of Brushy Creek Lake Park are still flooded. Trails and park benches remain underwater. Signs are sticking up out of the water where a parking lot is totally submerged. 

FOX 7 came across The Mobile Kayak, a kayak rental spot which is supposed to be on dry land, but found itself surrounded by water and mud, unable to do business.

Across the creek, floodwaters are beginning to recede in a local athletic complex, where bike trails, fields and parking lots have been looking more like ponds.

"When I saw it, it was very flooded. Usually I go there on my walks, and I’ve never seen it like that in the last two years," said Salinas.

Many are worried there won’t be enough time for the water to recede before the next downpour arrives. That’s why Amidon says drivers need to be prepared.

"Watch your distance when you're driving. And if you come to a low water crossing, don't chance it. Just turn around."

Back at Brushy Creek Lake Park, more water is the last thing they need.

"A little concerned, yes—because then it’s going to be over here where the bathrooms are," said Salinas.

After all, when it comes to rain in Central Texas, it’s a fine line between not enough and too much.

"Isn’t that sad? We’re happy for the rain and everything and then also we’re complaining," said Salinas.

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