Williamson County mask brigade starts production of masks to help with COVID-19 response

The Williamson County Mask Brigade is starting production on masks to help provide an extra layer of protection for first responders and healthcare professionals.

The Mask Brigade is a group of people of all ages, genders and abilities brought together with a common goal to make cloth face coverings to help with the COVID-19 response.

"The response from the community to join the brigade has been overwhelming so far," says the county. "Groups have been forming within a variety of organizations and pledging their support of this noble cause."

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The county says the YMCA in Round Rock and the Austin Disaster Relief Network are making 50 masks each, and the Celebration Church has pledged to make 100 masks by April 10. They're also working on maximizing production using the assembly line approach where workers cut the fabric and pass the material to be sewn into masks, which are then sent to Reid's Cleaners for sanitizing and distribution.

"The Mask Brigade will make masks as long as the pandemic is ongoing and there is a demand for them. We are grateful for any support people can provide. Our goal, starting next week, is to produce 2,000 masks per week,” said Judge Donna King. 

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The Covid Rangers, a group of volunteers supporting medical professionals with covers for N95 masks, had five seamstresses and by Wednesday, four more had joined them. 

The county says as of April 10, the brigade has 539 masks ready for distribution.

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The Mask Brigade is providing PDF files with step-by-step instructions on how to make the masks for interested volunteers. Anyone with a computer, a sewing or embroidering machine and a desire to help can follow the pattern. The brigade says it is also working on "how-to" videos for the public. 

For more information, go to the county's website and click on the Mask Brigade or email COVID-19Masks@wilco.org.  



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