Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter experiencing crisis, runs out of room to house adult dogs

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) is experiencing a life-saving crisis in medium-to-large adult dogs and is asking the community for help.

The WCRAS has taken in 200 more dogs, creating a critical issue as they have run out of space to house adult dogs. With over 170 dogs currently at the shelter, staff is stretched to the limit in their ability to properly care for these dogs. 

Over the past several weeks, more dogs have come into the shelter than have gone out each day, compounding the issue and creating this life-saving crisis.

The WCRAS has sent out pleas to the community and other animal welfare organizations requesting assistance with the 170 plus dogs currently on site, but the help they’ve received has not been enough. 

For the first time in years, the shelter will be publishing a euthanasia list. 

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  (Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter)

To help make space, the shelter is offering free adoptions for all medium-to-large adult dogs. Appointments are not required but are recommended to reduce wait times. 

To see all the adoptable dogs that qualify for this special, go to wilcopets.org. Then email adoption@wilco.org to schedule an appointment for the shortest wait time.

For those not able to adopt at this time, fostering is available. Fostering provides a temporary home to a dog in need, which in turn makes room for another dog in need, creating much needed space to house all the dogs. 

The WCRAS can help provide supplies, if necessary, and takes care of any medical needs a dog might experience while in foster care. To learn more, visit wilcopets.org/how-to-help.