‘Wine-O-Saur’ delivers wine to those sheltering in place amid COVID-19 pandemic

One woman found a fun way to deliver wine and spread cheer amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On May 3, Cathy Tasse shared footage of herself on Twitter wearing a T-Rex costume while holding a bottle of wine. 

“The WineOSaur roams Cleveland every week, bringing a bottle of wine to friends who have been creatively staying in place, making hundreds of masks to donate, teaching online, and working on the frontlines in hospitals,” Tasse wrote in her tweet.

While it’s undetermined what bottles or vino varietals the Wine-O-Saur had prepped for friends, we can speculate that they may have included:

-Pinot Velociraptorico

Among others.

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Tasse’s wine deliveries are among the fun ways that people have been spreading cheer and keeping upbeat amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In Australia, one man donned himself in Elvis regalia while singing to members of his retirement home community.

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And while Tasse’s wine deliveries certainly evoke a laugh, volunteers across the country have been dedicating their time and effort to deliver goods and perform others services to those in need amid the pandemic.

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