Witness recounts deadly E 6th St shooting

Austin police are still searching for the man who opened fire on East 6th Street early Sunday morning. 

30-year-old Teqnika Moultire died after being show in the head. Four other people were also shot by bullets. Moultire, a resident of the Bay area in California, was visiting her fiance's family here in Austin when the shooting happened. Several witnesses say they were having a good time but the night took a deadly turn. 

Dorian Santiago was one of those witnesses. He was leaving a bar and heading towards his car when the chaotic scene unfolded right before his eyes. "I looked around and I saw them grab a  girl, trying to calm the person down.. Then I saw the other girl laying on the floor (ground)," said Santiago. 

The suspect in the shooting is 24-year-old Endicott McCray. Witnesses say he got into a brief altercation with his brother-in-law and pulled out a handgun, firing into the crowd. The bullets hit five people, including Moutlrie. 

McCray is still on the loose. If, and when, caught, he faces a First Degree Murder charge. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Austin Police Department.