Witnesses share their thoughts on the Downtown Austin shooting

Austin Police says 6th Street foot traffic is back up to what it was pre-pandemic and the morning of the mass shooting that left 14 injured was no exception. 

Many witnesses told FOX 7 it was a night they will never forget.

APD says the shooting started from some sort of disturbance between two different groups of people on the 400 block of East 6th Street. A shooting ensued around 1:30 a.m. and injured 14 people. Two remain in critical condition. 

Police say many of the injured people were just innocent bystanders. Police have arrested one person in connection to this shooting, but are still looking for the second suspect.

Travis Young lives right by where the shooting took place. He says he heard four gunshots and instantly took cover. "It took me about 30 seconds to get back up and kind of see what was going on. I looked out the window and there are bodies everywhere. I saw six people laying on the ground. One girl was hurt very badly. It's a mess," said Young.

He says he is used to seeing an occasional fight or two on East 6th, but never an incident like this. 

"Now it's making me think like dang. They could have easily seen me and just pointed the gun in any random direction because there was no altercation. There was no struggle. There were no arguments, pushing, fighting, or yelling, or anything. It was just out of nowhere," said Young.



Kennedy and Clea, who did not want to give their last names, were spending their last day in Austin at a bar on East 6th when they heard the commotion outside.

"Once we got through, like to the door, that's when we kind of saw everything unfolding. We saw some people laying on the ground who I think were obviously shot or injured and we saw the officers tending to everyone as fast as I could," said Kennedy.

Clea says the street was filled with around 1,000 people just looking at the scene. 

She says so many people were out there, EMS had a hard time getting to the scene so APD had to transport the victims themselves.

"There were 1000’s of people out here so there was no way they could really conceal anyone. We saw everyone being transported to the police cars because the ambulance and the fire department couldn't actually get through here because the street is blocked off so that took a while and then we're just walking trying to get away from it and we didn't realize like how spread out everyone actually was and it was it just was crazy," said Clea.

As for father and daughter duo Mike and Elisa Schmielewski, they were staying at a hotel a few blocks away when they were woken up by the sound of gunshots.

"Honestly, it scares me so much because we were thinking about going out last night and getting some drinks and we ended up not and it's just like who knows what could have happened if we did. It just really scares me," said Elise.

If you have any information on this case, call police.