Woman finds raccoon hanging out in hammock outside her Pennsylvania home

Forget sleeping in a tree — one intrepid raccoon in Pennsylvania decided to make itself at home by lounging in a woman's hammock.

Sarah McAnulty, who lives in Philadelphia, said she was working in her home office last Thursday when she heard a "rustling" sound coming from her deck.

When she grabbed a flashlight and looked outside, she said she couldn't believe her eyes when she found a raccoon appearing to tuck itself in, making itself comfortable for the night.

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McAnulty posted a short video on Twitter, writing in the caption, "Excuse me, who taught the raccoon on my back porch how to use a hammock?" 

She said the sight was especially surprising, given that the deck isn't on the first floor.

"This hammock was on a 3rd floor deck!" McAnulty wrote. "Scaled a building to scale a hammock!" 

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As she watched the raccoon, she noted that the animal appeared to be quite comfortable — and made her think this wasn't its first time on her porch.

"Really makes you wonder how many times he's done this! Kinda felt like I was watching him in his own living room!" she said.

McAnulty later checked on the raccoon and said it "stayed there for the rest of the night all snuggled up, sleeping in the hammock."