Woman pays for man's groceries, he returns favor with $10k donation

Photo Courtesy: Piedmont Healthcare

A random act of kindness led to a big payoff for a 39-year-old woman who is employed by a foundation that helps cancer patients.

Tracy Warshal was at a grocery store in the Atlanta area and noticed a man in the checkout line forgot his wallet.

She offered to cover the cost of the few items of fruit he had, which amounted to no more than $8, according to Warshal.

When he asked her name, she simply introduced herself as Tracy. 

Warshal says what the man did to return her favor shocked her.

Weeks later she learned that the man, who chose to remain anonymous, made a $10,000 donation in Warshal's name.

That day at the grocery story, Warshal was wearing a T-shirt that had her employer's name on it, Piedmont Healthcare.

It turns out that the man contacted the healthcare provider's philanthropy department and placed the generous donation in Warshal's name.

On Piedmont Healthcare's Facebook page, Warshal is quoted as saying, "Working in cancer care, you are reminded that people are dealing with way bigger issues. I paid for the groceries in the hopes that someone would do the same thing for my loved ones if they were ever in a similar situation."

She goes on to say, "One person really can make a difference."

After word of Warshal's story spread, Piedmont Health spokeswoman Amanda Bartlett tells KTVU Fox 2 the foundation received another generous donation.

ALDI USA, the company that owns the grocery store where Warshal carried out her thoughtful act, has committed to match the $10,000 donation made in her name.

Bartlett says the money will go toward the Dana G. Smith Cancer Assistance Endowment, which provides financial assistance to cancer patients.