Woman says Round Rock police officer assaulted her during DWI arrest

A Round Rock woman who claims police assaulted her after arresting her, was released from jail today.

Viviana Keith walked out of the Williamson County Jail with much to say about what she believes was an assault.

She says was arrested Tuesday afternoon, after several witnesses say she appeared to be drunk at a local shopping center, along with her child. But how round rock police responded, is what her family says is inappropriate.

"I remember him throwing me against the car and throwing me out and then I passed out because of how hard he threw me," said Keith.

"She was knocked unconscious. And it shows I've seen the video from different angles and it's very obvious she was not resisting the way they said that she was. They shouldn't have done that he was much bigger than her," said Diane Durvasula, Viviana's mother.

Police say Keith was not cooperating and resisting arrest.

"I said my arms are behind my back, my arms are behind my back, and he still did what he did," said Keith.

Round Rock police maintain that their police department observes proper protocol when it comes to safety. Viviana says she will take legal action.

"I don't agree with what she did but she should not be treated like that," said Durvasula.

"I don't believe that anybody should ever be thrown like that especially in front of their own child. I don't think that was proper protocol at all," said Keith.