Women's influence growing in sports and social media industries

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South by South West is in full swing.

On Thursday, we celebrated International Women's Day and Saturday Fox Sports hosted an all-women's panel discussing the growing influence women play in the sports world.

"It's phenomenal to see three powerful women who have had this huge influence in sports and usually it's a male dominated thing," said Cameron Shoppach event attendee.

Saturday, a panel of women with business backgrounds in social media and sports came together to discuss the growing roles women are now more than ever influencing.

"Women's influence on social media is really running the gamut you've got people who are really sharing their stories and people supporting one another especially right now because of the women's movement that we are in," said panelist Raleigh

Anne Gray a Senior Director of Business Development.

Tyler Lewis stopped by to hear the panel speak and says the insight the women shared will help her moving forward in her career.

"We should have panels filled with female experts. I love to meet them later and just listening to where they've been especially as a young person in my career it' awesome to hear what they've done the companies they've sold and the moves they've made," said Lewis.

"Women in power can do anything especially within this industry women are savvy and intuitive they have a lot to offer," said event attendee Valerie Hardison.

Even though women are making strides in the sports, business and social media many still say there's work to be done. "I don't see a ton of women in the sports commentary world or sports social commentary world. And it was nice to hear from the panelist about those things because we need more of that," said Lewis.

Panelist Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, a Chief Digital Officer of CAA-GBG said women will have a universal influence on one of the biggest sports events - 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

"The time is now for women. Women in all areas of the industry from sports to business to politics and how there's a movement around us. We are using the women's world cup as a platform of all the amazing things women are doing and can do," said Bracken-Ferguson.

"In America it's no secret that female soccer is so much further above males and hopefully there's an idea that women can inspire men," said Shoppach.