"Worst Driver in Austin": Twitter personality Evil Mopac devises bad drivers bracket

College basketball brackets aren’t the only brackets people have been filling out over the past month or so. 

Here in Austin, a well-known Twitter user has devised a bracket of bad drivers.

"You know, I’m never surprised with what stuff y’all do in Austin, man," said ‘Evil Mopac’, the personality behind the Twitter account @EvilMopacATX.

It was that exasperation that led Evil Mopac to create the bracket last month. From "red light denier" to "road rager", "weaver believer" to "scary exit enjoyer" and, of course, "texting [expletive]"—they were all in contention for the title of "Worst Driver in Austin".

"It was very close, actually, in fact," said Evil Mopac.

One of the top vote-getters was "last-second cut-in"—but, in the end, impaired drivers received the dubious distinction.

The experts at AAA say the data is clear.

"If we could get rid of speeding and distractions and impairment, we would eliminate so many crashes in the state of Texas. It's not even funny," said Daniel Armbruster of AAA Texas.

Evil Mopac says he was surprised at the number of people who made their voices heard.

"Total number of votes in this, including all the rounds, was well over 25,000, which was a pretty good pretty good vote and certainly outpaces most of those special elections y’all do in Austin," said Evil Mopac.

Because of the high turnout, Evil Mopac says he’s working on a new bracket for 2024.