Yelp awards Austin restaurant 1618 Asian Fusion $15K to benefit employees

Yelp has awarded Austin restaurant 1618 Asian Fusion $15,000 to benefit its employees. The award was part of a small business initiative in honor of Employee Appreciation Day on March 4. 

"These past few years have been tough on everyone, and our employees have been there with us through it all. They are truly the backbone of 1618 Asian Fusion. We are so grateful to have received the Employee Appreciation Day fund from Yelp and want to use this donation to celebrate our 1618 family. We will be letting our employees vote for how they would like to use the funds." says Kevin Le, co-owner of 1618 Asian Fusion, in a news release.

1618 Asian Fusion is family-owned and located at 1618 Riverside Drive. Its menu consists of dishes fusing flavors from Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Singaporean and Southeast Asian food. 

Houston restaurant Roostar Vietnamese Grill and San Antonio's Anchor Plumbing Services were also selected to receive $15,000. Yelp says the small businesses selected were determined after comparing the all-time highest ratings and reviews on Yelp for each city, coupled with the number of reviews mentioning terms like "great customer service." Yelp says all three of the businesses chosen have excellent reviews and ratings on its platform and are routinely called out for having good employees.

"We’re excited to help small businesses recognize Employee Appreciation Day with funds to celebrate their employees, like 1618 Asian Fusion, an amazing family-owned restaurant whose reviews showcase the incredible food and experience they provide guests," says Katie Burbank, Yelp Senior Community Director, Austin. "We encourage others to use the day as a reminder to show appreciation for the outstanding people who are behind the businesses you interact with." 

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