Young boy sells cookies and lemonade to help Houston

5-year-old Jet, who was born in Houston, is selling cookies and lemonade in Old City for Harvey relief. He has already raised $112 dollars.

"Sad because there was a hurricane," he told FOX 29's Chris O'Connell.

With his Superman cape and Texans hat little Jet is using his kindergarten pencil box to store his donations while he sells 50-cent cups of lemonade and iced tea from Old City. Money he hopes goes right to Harvey victims.

Jet was born in Houston and his mom who serves in the Coast Guard couldn't be more proud.

"We're so far from everybody and we are just trying to think of something to do to help out. The response has been amazing from Philadelphians. They've been very generous," his mom Margaret Brown said.

And Jet got some help. You see Elizabeth Allison is also from Houston and canceled flights stranded her in Philly, but that hasn't stopped her from chipping in. She baked chocolate chip cookies for Jet to sell for donations.