Astros owner Jim Crane covering taxes on World Series rings for employees

Jim Crane

Astros ownership is going above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their employees concerning the 1,332 World Series rings the club is handing out.

These rings are very valuable and the taxes they generate are equally expensive.

Many of the Astros employees probably could not afford to accept the rings.

With that in mind, owner Jim Crane is also paying the taxes on the rings.



“Some of the rings are pretty expensive,” Crane said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. “We want it to be special. So we decided to gross up the cost of the rings, and basically pay the taxes for all the employees that have been great support for the team over the years.

“We just wanted to take care of our employees for putting in all the hard work, from the top to the bottom. So everybody gets to be included.”

Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel applauds Crane for doing what is best for all of the club’s employees.

“It’s a tremendous gesture, for sure,” Keuchel said. “We’re not all in the same position. Us players are very blessed to do what we do and earn a hefty paycheck.

“Some of the people around the ballpark, that have been here for numerous years and love this team, it’s a great gesture from ownership to reward those employees with the Astros.”