Dallas Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott cleared in domestic violence case

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Dallas Cowboys Rookie Ezekiel Elliott was cleared of domestic violence claims. But reports indicate he could still be investigated by the NFL.

Ohio prosecutors determined the evidence from the July domestic violence complaint had conflicting and inconsistent and dropped the case.

A former girlfriend claimed the running back assaulted her over several days. But texts Elliott exchanged with the woman about drug testing could still get him in trouble.

Elliott told reporters on Wednesday he is ready for the next game but couldn't dodge questions about his personal matters happening off the field.

"I'm a target. That's what I've realized from all this,” he said. “So I've gotta conduct myself that way."

Locker room talk just ahead of NFL Week One and Elliott’s play on the field were the secondary topic.

"As we know right now, he has not failed any drug test. He's not in the NFL's program,” said Sports Writer Clarence Hill, referring to Elliott’s text messages with his ex-girlfriend. “This is something the NFL and NFLPA will probably look into.”

A text exchange between Elliott and his ex-girlfriend is under the microscope.

“Just do everything you possibly can to pass your drug test tomorrow. You'll be okay. I'm here for you,” the ex-girlfriend texted Elliott.

"I'm gonna pass. About to live in this sauna for the next 24 hours,” Elliott replied.

When a reporter asked Elliott about the messages, he said he had no idea what he was talking about. When pressed about it, he told the reporter he was there to talk about football.

Hill says the video of Elliott visiting a weed dispensary in Seattle the day of a preseason game doesn't help his case.

“That raises a red flag for the Cowboys and certainly raises a red flag for the NFL,” Hill said.

A league spokesman told FOX 4:

The NFL says though the criminal case has been dropped, Elliott remains under review of the league's personal conduct policy.

The Cowboys have not made any official statement since the text messages were released.