FOX 7 Football Field Trip: Vista Ridge

Rodney Vincent's Rangers are fresh off making program history but not jump to 6A and join one of the state's toughest districts which includes two returning state finalists.

Vista Ridge is looking to carry on the momentum they’ve built up over the past few years.

Head football coach Vincent says, "We've got some good experience coming back."

And that’s got the players ready for the season.
Senior offensive lineman Sean Freeman says, "I think it's gonna be extra exciting this year."

"We got a lot to live up to and I think we can live up to it," Senior defensive back Caleb Welch says.

Last year the Rangers made it all the way to the Class 5A state semifinals.

"I think anytime you can make a playoff run it gives your younger kids some confidence. It gives them more practices," Vincent says.

Freeman agrees."It was great. I mean it's sad to lose all those guys, but I know my guys are coming up. They're really excited to try to go farther than we did last year. So we're rising to the challenge I feel like everyday out here."

Before last season Vista Ridge had never made it past the second round of the playoffs. But after making it to the state's final four in Class 5A, the Rangers feel like they have a chance to get back on the big stage even though they're now in 6A.

Vincent says, "The 5A district we've been in has been one of the toughest in the state.  And I hope that that type of schedule and district play will help us for the move into 6A.  We went from a tough district to a tough district."

Tough because the Rangers are now in a district with state powers like Lake Travis and Westlake.

Welch says, "Those are great opponents.  I'm not saying they're gonna be easy. I just think if we can stick together as a team. We know we can accomplish anything. Coach Vincent always talks about teamwork and our brotherhood that we've got. And we just gotta stick to that no matter what."

"We play those two teams at the very last of our season.  Those are our last two football games. We've got a lot of things we gotta take care of between now and then. So what we want to do is just win today and be the best version of Vista Ridge High School that we can be. And that's our goal," Vincent says.

It’s a goal that Coach Vincent and players are ready to take on.

Welch says, "This whole team, we love a challenge."