G League season opener for Austin Spurs

The Austin Spurs have their G League season opener in Cedar Park tonight (11/8) and there's a number of prospects to keep an eye on.

Among them are former NBA star Scottie Pippen's nephew Kavion Pippen who's a 6'10" center, Quinndary Weatherspoon who's a guard out of Mississippi State and Drew Eubanks. 

Weatherspoon and Eubanks will be splitting their time between Austin and San Antonio.

"Earning Pops (Gregg Popovich) trust first, being able to play defense, you can't play for the Spurs if you can't play defense. It's kind of tough when you're going back and forth and you just get in for a minute at a time, but that's just the hand I'm dealt right now, so I have to get used to it," Eubanks says.

Weatherspoon says, "Nah, it's all the same, it's just one big family. That's what they use Austin for, for us to get better and to come down here and to work on things that they know we need to work on. So, there's no pressure...it's just taking our time to get better in what we need to get better at."