Longhorns hope to recover after Texas Tech loss

Longhorn football fans, and the team, are hoping to recover from UT’s injury filled roller coaster of a loss to Texas Tech.

After finishing with seven losses last season, head coach Charlie Strong said that was unacceptable at the University of Texas. But one year later, the team finds itself with the same number of losses after a hard fought three point loss to the Red Raiders.

"When you battle through games like this.  I think it only makes us stronger.  And it's gonna make the team stronger.  And they'll understand.  Because now it's gonna start soaking in to them.  Then they'll start to realize hey we have to go play guys,” Strong says.

Freshman running back Chris Warren made the most of his first career start by setting a new UT freshman rushing record with 276 yards and four touchdowns, including a 91 yard run.

Warren says, "I feel like I'm pretty consistent throughout a game.  I do also feel like I wore them down a little bit.  But it wasn't all me.  The line definitely did a great job."

"We knew what we had with him.  Just a big strong physical runner.  And you look at him, can break tackles, can run through people.  That's why going into this game I wasn't worried.  Everybody kept saying well you got two down.  But I knew we'd be ok at the running game with him," Strong adds.

UT was already banged up heading into this one and they lost several more key guys during the game, including quarterback Jerrod Heard who left in the second quarter with a concussion.

Senior defensive end Shiro Davis says, “It was crazy. Definitely hope those guys can get healthy and get ready for Baylor.”

It’ll be a chance for the team to finish the regular season with a win.

“We’ve been close. And unfortunately close is not good enough. It’s not giving us no more wins,” Davis says.

Strong says, “I tell them all the time.  We're the University of Texas.  You're always gonna get everyone's best shot.  So let's not go out there half stepping.  Let's go prepare the right way.  Let's stay focused.  Let's play with the passion that we know we can play with, and let's go get it done."

The Longhorns definitely better not be half stepping as they head into the season finale because if they are they just may end up getting embarrassed by Baylor.