Manor Mustangs look to win 4x100 relay gold at state track meet

The 4x100 relay is always one of the most thrilling races to watch at the state track meet and next week the Manor Mustangs have a real shot at taking gold at the prestigious event.

Each member of the Manor High School boys 4x100 meter relay team is pulling their own weight for a common goal.

"They understand that we gotta take it to the next level," says Manor boys head track coach Myron Aplon. "As long as we do our assignment, and we stay in our lane we'll be successful.

Sophomore sprinter Ladontae Carter says they push each other "to the max" every single time.

It's a formula that's been working for the Mustangs who are going into the state meet with the second-fastest time. 

The team is hoping to bring home gold in the 4x100 for the first time in 26 years.

"That would be very cool. Just to put our name up there. The Manor name. Just set a legacy for ourselves," says senior sprinter Che Nwabuko.

Carter agrees saying, "It would be just amazing. Bring it back to Manor in the 4 by 1 in stage for sure."

Of the four guys on the relay only one, Nwabuko, has been to state before. Nwabuko is also competing in the 100 and 200 and goes into those events with the first and second fastest qualifying times.

"I'm very determined. I think I'm gonna win it all. I mean, I got very high confidence right now. My boys been working hard," Nwabuko says. "Last year like you said, I was all alone for state. Working by myself. So, now that I got people out here to push me. I can probably push myself to greater lengths."

Aplon says the goal is to walk away with three golds.

"If we continue to stay focused. And we focus on our goal as a unit.  Our mission, our vision. Then everything will come to pass. And everything will line up. And everything's been lining up," Aplon says.