Super Bowl LVII: Donna Kelce says she is feeling the Philly love; will be at parade if Eagles win

Donna Kelce has earned a place in the heart of every Eagles fan, and Philadelphia has no problem showing her all the love they can muster!

She became a nationwide sensation after becoming the first mom to have two sons compete against each other in a Super Bowl - Eagles Center Jason Kelce and his younger brother Travis who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

FOX 29's Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick caught up with the supermom Monday during Opening Night in downtown Phoenix.

Sporting her signature half-Eagles, half-Chiefs jersey, Donna says she can't believe this is all happening.

"Never in a million years, it's very surreal," she said. "They dreamed about it and talked about it when they were 10 years old, but nobody ever thinks it's going to happen."


Her motherly love still split equally between her boys - Donna also showed off a split jacket for the Super Bowl with "Kelce" displayed proudly on top.

So, how does the mother-of-the-year feel about all the Philly love she's been receiving?

"They've been very good to me," she said.

Donna even told FOX 29 she plans to come to Philadelphia to celebrate with all the fans if the Eagles defeat the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl this Sunday!

"That would be awesome!" she said.

Hopefully Philly will be seeing you soon, Donna!