Texas Longhorns hope for big things from Byron Murphy this season

"He just got better at his game, literally, I feel he's the best defensive player we have on the team and all he did was just put another year, take more coaching from Coach (Bo) Davis. He's a vet now, even though he's a sophomore," says University of Texas Longhorns' football senior defensive lineman Keondre Coburn.

Coburn is talking about Byron Murphy II and he's just one of the many people buzzing about the sophomore defensive tackle.

A breakout season from Murphy would be timely considering last year's Longhorn scoring defense ranked 99th nationally and that pass rush was almost nonexistent.

"Just starting from Spring ball we made a big progression in pass rush. We got a lot better with our hands, we improved a lot, the D-line, we definitely improved, the back game improved as well, even the linebackers," Murphy says.

"We're all coming together, being at one pace now, knowing our jobs, knowing the in and outs of our defense. So, I feel like that's how we've improved," Murphy add