Texas Longhorns defense looks to rebound against Oklahoma State

After giving up 55 points in the Red River Rivalry game against the Oklahoma Sooners, Texas Longhorns head football coach Steve Sarkisian is looking for a strong defensive showing against the Oklahoma State Cowboys

"Tackling is paramount, our ability to get people on the ground at the end of the day is critical. Clearly, emphasis on the 50/50 balls that are thrown up down the field, those are two big things and then ultimately containing the quarterback," says Sarkisian.

The Longhorns will be without starting defensive lineman Jacoby Jones. Jones is out with a foot injury so expect to see a lot more of Cedar Creek alum Alfred Colins.

"He's playing quick, he's playing violent, he's playing big, So I think obviously, we miss Jacoby (Jones) and we wish he was with us, but Alfred (Collins) provides something a little different," Sarkisian says. 

"He's a 305-pound man playing defensive end, so from a run game standpoint, he gives us something different there, but the beauty of it is, he's shown the pass rush ability for a big man to win his one on ones.  He's excited, but he's earned it, he's playing at a high level right now," Sarkisian adds.

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