University of Texas Longhorns baseball team off to best start since 2009

David Pierce's University of Texas baseball team is now 5-0 after beating Lamar. 

It's the best start for the Longhorns since 2009 which happens to be their last trip to the College World Series finals.

The team is, understandably, feeling good with a few things.

"Our attitude, to me it's about that more so than anything because we have some talent," Pierce says. "Our energy has been great, our chemistry has been great, but on the field I would have to say our pitching, our pitching has been outstanding."

Senior catcher DJ Petrinsky says, "These guys just come out and throw strikes, they challenge the hitters with their stuff and that's what we need."

"Kind of figured out that we can compete a little bit. I kind of like where we're at right now with the momentum we've got and the mentality we have as a team right now," senior outfielder Austin Todd says. "I think we're definitely heading in the right direction, but I think we've got some things that we can work on."