University of Texas men's tennis team wins national title

The University of Texas men's tennis team has won its first ever national title. While a few Longhorns remain for the singles and doubles competiton, a couple of the players returned on May 20.

Westwood High School alum and UT senior Colin Markes says, "It was just the culmination of all the hard work we put in and just all the distractions that happened over the season we just put them to the side and focused on the tennis."

"It's great. It's hard to like think about the fact that we are the first ones to ever do this but it's something I'll never forget," Markes says.

Teammate and fellow senior Rodrigo Banzer echoes those sentiments.

"I think it's not a surprise because we were working for this moment since the first day that we practiced here. That was our main goal to win the national championship," Banzer says.