UT women's basketball team honored

Top University of Texas women's athletes got the burnt orange carpet treatment at the annual Longhorn Honors: Women's Athletics awards and the women's basketball team walked away with a honor.

It was also one of the first chances to catch up with Karen Aston and her team after their rough Sweet 16 loss to eventual NCAA champ UConn.

Brooke McCarty says, " I think playing UConn was really a great opportunity for us because it kind of let us know how good we were and what we needed to work on. I think that a lot of people could say that, yes we have some things to work on."

"The loss stung a lot and I've seen them in the gym a lot more, they didn't take as big of a break. I usually give them that opportunity to choose how long they are going to get off and they have been in the gym non-stop. I think they saw a model that they need to try and emulate," Aston says.