Summer-like temperatures continue, no rain in sight

It's a new day but the same weather story. The hot and dry spell rolls on with high pressure in charge. It's doing a great job keeping the rain out and trapping in the heat. 

Just like the last few days, we will start the day cloudy and then things will turn sunny, hazy, breezy, and hot. 

Highs will climb into the mid-90s with heat indices in the upper 90s. The records will be safe today. 

Winds will increase to 15 to 25 mph at times providing some minor heat relief in the shade. 

If you want to see rain or storms you will have to go way out to West Texas to find them because they will fizzle out before reaching Central Texas. 

The air will dry out a little by the end of the week, so it won't feel as steamy and the mornings will be slightly cooler. Overall, the heat ridge won't give up so highs will remain 10 to 15 degrees warmer than average through the weekend.

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