Drought in Central Texas getting worse but forecasted rain will provide relief

Some drought relief is on the way! 

Three Pacific lows and a cold front will team up and push the dome of heat out of Central Texas the next few days and turn on the rain. 

That's good news, but we did get bad news this week about the drought...it's getting worse. Half the area is under an extreme or exceptional drought. Even from Austin to La Grange there is a level 1 moderate drought. 

Rainfall projections show 2 to 3" of rain in the next seven days. The dry ground will soak up that in a hurry so there's not expected to be too much runoff. 

The lake levels won't go up, and the drought will only slow down for a week. There would need to be a rain event like this one to happen every week for the next two months to see significant improvements.

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