Texans prepare for Hurricane Nicholas and several inches of rain

Preparations are underway across Texas as Hurricane Nicholas surges closer to the coast.

"I’ve got my stacks of water," said Samantha Brown.  "Hopefully this will hold us through."

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Supermarkets and gas stations were crowded in Galveston Sunday as families purchased necessities.

"The stores are crazy," said Brown.  "Lines are horrible. People are trying to get out to get water and resources."

Crews removed lifeguard stands from Galveston beaches over the weekend. Currently, forecasters expect a storm surge between 2 and 4 feet.

Perhaps the biggest threat from Hurricane Nicholas is the rain, as it’s expected to dump several inches of rain throughout the region. Some flood-prone areas could receive more than a foot of rain.

Law enforcement agencies were preparing their water rescue vehicles on Sunday.  They’ll soon be scattered throughout the area.


Leaders in Galveston and Harris Counties say they’re monitoring the storm closely. 

"We need the community to stay alert and tuned to local media," said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. "Make sure they’re prepared."

So far, officials in Galveston County said Sunday they were not expecting any evacuations. However, that could change if Nicholas strengthens or changes paths.

"No one is suggesting a loss of power, which is one of our primary concerns [leading to evacuations]," said Galveston County Judge Mark Henry.  "No one is suggesting a loss of the ferry service, between Bolivar and Galveston."

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