‘The Masked Singer’ Cupcake reveal was the icing on the cake

Cupcake has officially been unwrapped on the latest episode of "The Masked Singer."

On Wednesday night’s episode, fans swooned over Cupcake’s rendition of Edith Piaf’s "La Vie En Rose," but it was hardly the icing on the cake and eventually got the singer booted from the contest. 

But fans were absolutely shocked to see that three-time Grammy winner Ruth Pointer of the iconic American R&B group the Pointer Sisters was behind the decadent costume. 

Even the panelists were surprised by this out-of-left-field reveal. Judge Ken Jeong originally had Tina Turner pinned for the sweet performer. 

Unfortunately, as much as Pointer impressed audiences, her performance was half-baked. 

But that didn’t seem to phase her. 

"I lasted two whole rounds! Oh my god, yes I’m proud of that!" Pointer exclaimed. 

Pointer explained she was supposed to perform together with her sister Anita in a cupcake duet, but unfortunately, health issues prompted Anita to exit the show early. 

"My other cupcake had some health issues and had to bail out, and it is scary," Pointer said. "She’s been in my thoughts the whole time, so I’m here representing her."

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